Sustainable Jewellery

A cycle of precious metal

Safira has more than 100 years of combined experience of jewellery manufacturing. Safira has produced jewellery for several decades. Much has happened since the start, as Safira always strives to continually evolve. Knowledgeable and passionate employees have made Safira into what it is today: one of Scandinavia's most recognized jewellery manufacturers.

Much of the precious metal used in Safira's production is melted in our own melting furnaces, using traditional methods. At the production facility, our skilled craftsmen handle everything from alloying, assembly, polishing and shine. The environmental focus is strong and Safira is taking extra efforts to minimise environmental impact in all stages of production. In our own production, the goldsmiths work almost exclusively with recycled gold. Gold is recycled and reworked in a cycle, in much the same way as PET plastic bottles. Producing the plastic for a PET bottle is hazardous to the environment and that’s why they are collected and reused. The same applies to gold. Due to high metal prices, a lot of jewellery has been traded in in recent years. More gold is now being recycled than what is being newly produced. The quality of the gold remains when it is recycled, and jewellery made of recycled gold retains its lustre. The actual recycling process takes place under proper working conditions and is 100% controlled.

At Safira we care about the quality of what we produce and the uniqueness of designing and manufacturing fashionable jewellery of precious metals. Safira jewellery carries control stamps as proof of authenticity. Safira complies with SWEDAC's (via The Technical Research Institute of Sweden) regulations on control and marking of articles of precious metals.

High quality

Our products are manufactured to meet Safira's high quality standards. All Safira jewellery has a 12 months warranty from date of purchase. After this warranty period, all repairs are subject to a service charge. When an object is returned within the warranty period, it will be repaired or exchanged for a new product by Safira, at no extra cost. Repair or exchange will be made within a reasonable time after the object has been returned. If your object has a defect that falls within the scope of the warranty, please contact our customer service using the contact form below or email us at For faster handling, you may include the following information:

  • Order number 
  • Images of the object and its damage, taken from different distances as this will facilitate the return process in the assessment stage.

Safira assures the customer that the object has appropriate qualities for usability, reliability, and durability. The Safira Guarantee does not cover:

  • Defects and damage as a result of loss, theft, fire, water or natural disaster (contact with water should be avoided).
  • Faults or damage caused by improper use, negligence (chock, indents, crushing, wear, scratches etc.) or accidents. 
  • Faults or damage caused by unauthorised repair or modification by a third party without the consent of Safira. 
  • Aesthetic changes, defects and damage due to normal wear and tear (e.g. minor scratches, discolouration of the material etc.)

Should you have questions regarding the guarantee, please contact our customer support at