Hi! We're Safira

We believe that beauty and confidence comes from within. What you wear on the outside is merely a way to enhance that beauty and confidence inside so that you can express who you really are. We go to work every day with women from all over the world to help everyone have access to that boost of confidence and to shine in their very own style.

Allow everyone to shine in style!

We produce collections together with selected designers and influencers and our goal is to always understand fast-trends, fashion and the direction of the market. Our own production and workshop with its solid craftsmanship enables us to be responsive to new trends and quickly create jewellery that people are inspired by. We believe that the key to development is to act as an inspiration and at the same time dare to be inspired by others. The company Safira was born in 2012. In under 5 years we became Sweden's largest online jewellery store. Our Safira crew has over 100 years of combined experience including manufacturing and selling jewellery and accessories. 

We also want to penetrate Safira as a workplace, where we strive to constantly improve, which we believe we do by listening, learning and testing new ways. We are a passionate mix of different skills that complement each other. We appreciate differences and we believe that it is a fundamental core for growing in a fast yet healthy way. Follow us on our journey, it has only just begun.

Our beliefs

We are a fashion brand. That means that we act as an inspiration by inhaling influences from all kinds of sources with our main focus on strong women all over the world. To stay inspirational, we always need to listen and learn so that we can be where trends are born, understand them and interpret them in to the Safira world and with that said our biggest inspiration source are the daring women of this world leading our way into a world of beauty in all shapes and differences. We also strive to inspire each other in our daily work and reflect this awesomeness to others in all aspects, not only when it comes to fashion. When someone tells us that “you truly are an inspiration”, we believe we’ve achieved that goal.

Life is about relations. At Safira, we value our relations high and put a lot of time and effort into them, to make them long term. The oh-so-important relationship with our customer is something we invest heavily in, but also in our relationships with co-workers, partners and suppliers. We simply care a lot. When we fail, we admit it and try to do better. When we succeed, we celebrate together with others. Just like in any important relationship. Our relation to jewellery goes way back and is passionate - and equal to any instagrammer putting their loved partner on a pedestal you can see us doing that with our true love - Ms. Jewellery.

To be proud, you have to do things well. We take a lot of pride in maintaining a high level of quality in everything we do and to be transparent while doing it. Every time we produce something, whether it is a fashion jewellery or a text for the website, we ask ourselves if we can be proud of it. If not, we improve. We also realize that to be genuinely proud, you need to be humble and empathic and understand the world and the people around you. Therefore we spend a lot of time understanding our customers and their needs. And we are really proud of that.